Everyone has a life story. Each experience is as unique as our fingerprints, no two are ever alike. My Life Interview wants to capture those stories for you.

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We believe that sharing your own life story not only captures memories, but may inspire someone going through their own hard times to find hope.

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The world we live in is changing so quickly it is very easy to forget what our ancestors went through to protect what we all enjoy and take for granted.

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Your Life Story is Important

Sharing your life stories with others can reveal the details of important moments or turning points in life that has made us who we are and shaped our view of the world. Some will have lived through extraordinary times including wars, poverty, sickness, failures and successes in business, world travels and politics. Parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, cousins, may have memories of long-gone family members or events that if not captured now may eventually be gone forever.

As we recall the many ways our lives have changed over the past one hundred years and then try to imagine what future generation’s lives will be like in another hundred years, you realize how important it is to record our life stories now. We are living history.


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